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Veterans Day NYC 2011:

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The identity in action:

INDELIBLE - A personal search for identity:

Nick Colgin, an IAVA member getting the mark tattooed:

2012 Miller High Life can:

August 2011 Creative Review article:

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Newsprint pasted to comprise INGENUITY AWARDS 2012:

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The TOLO T-shirt with its removable scent absorbing patch:

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Thesis show at the SVA Gallery:

Thesis forum presentation at the SVA Theater:

Q&A after the presentation:

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I love filming, directing and editing short videos from time to time. Most videos here were shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and all were edited using After Effects.

Manifesto 1:

Manifesto 2:

Cannes 2012 Entry Video:

The Princess and the Pea: